Personalized Printing

Personalized Printing

Marketing is about reaching your total marketplace and print is an effective tool in a multi-media approach.

Personalized printing delivers results. Personalized or variable printed pieces that speak directly to an individual can increase your return 10 to 15 times over a non-personalized piece. Create text, images or layouts that speak to every individual in your mailing list. Variable data printing (VDP) is a unique process that customizes every printed piece with custom data and images. Our professionals are experts at analyzing data, creating impact layouts, and understanding the latest techniques for creating personalized pieces that get results. We have refined a process that enables you to perform one-to-one marketing and provide personalized pieces for each recipient.

Prospect Communications offers the following variable data printing services:

  • Variable data and image design services
  • List, data and image processing services
  • Full Color and Black & White high-speed digital printing
  • Complete bindery services
  • Professional pre-press services

Personalized print projects have included:

brochures, appeal mailings, fliers, postcards, direct mail packages, cards, calendars, product materials, invitation packages, and many other customized one-to-one marketing pieces.