Green Printing

Green Printing

Marketing is about reaching your total marketplace and print is an effective tool in a multi-media approach.

Prospect Communications had a "green" focus long before "green" was fashionable. We have had an aggressive three R’s program—Reducing, Reusing and Recycling—in place for many years.

Being green is more than using buzz words and implementing a few token changes. It requires a commitment to implement the best environmentally sound practices and then continuously working to improve these practices. We developed a 10 point environmental statement years ago and continue to use it as our guiding principle.

Prospect Communications Environmental Statement:

  1. We use soy-based inks and low-VOC cleaning fluids on our presses.
  2. We implemented a chemical-free plate process in 2005.
  3. We removed all hazardous waste components in the business in 2005 and are registered with the state of NH as a non-hazardous-waste generating facility.
  4. Our four color press is a digital imaging press. It comes up to color faster than a traditional offset press and doesn’t use fountain solutions. This means less paper, ink, solutions, and energy are used in our four color printing, resulting in a cleaner process.
  5. We have active programs to reduce our make-ready sheets on our offset presses, reducing the amount of paper, ink and energy used in the traditional printing process.
  6. We recycle as much printing waste (paper, cardboard, plastic, pallets, etc.) as possible. We also provide recycling services to our clients.
  7. We recycle and reuse non-printing items (e.g., computers donated to organizations; recycle paper, cans, glass, etc.) as much as possible. We donate extra paper to schools and other organizations.
  8. We recommend, manage and provide environmental papers as much as possible to our clients (e.g., FSC and recycled content paper).
  9. We deliver many of our products using a Prius Hybrid car.
  10. We have an active "carbon-footprint" reduction program in place that is chaired by the owners. This program has resulted in annual reductions since inception.

Recycling and “green” practices are important to us. We want to leave our planet a better place.