Greenfield, Massachusetts Print & Mail

We leverage our in-house print facilities—located in Greenfield, Massachuesetts—and multiple offset presses to deliver cost-effective, environmentally-conscious print pieces that make an impact. We specialize in delivering pieces that meet your needs in Greenfield, Massachusetts . Your print project is not run in a batch with other jobs. This means that we focus only on your project—on the paper stock you want and matching colors that are important to you. We do this by focusing on your needs and following your project through the process with unparalleled customer service in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Some of the print and mail services we offer in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Offset Printing

Prospect has been in the offset printing business for over 50 years and our staff has many years of producing the finest quality pieces in the region. Our offset presses are capable of printing one color, two color, and full-color projects with perfection. We offer professional pre-press services that ensure your projects are created and setup in the best manner for printing.

We also have in-house bindery services that finish off your job with high quality. We can fold, stitch, booklet, tab, shrink wrap, and perforate. Our One-Stop Printing Solution makes it easy to get your job done with no compromises. Use print to get noticed!

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Digital Printing

When you need a small run, quick turnaround, or personalized pieces then digital printing is a great solution. The color and capabilities of our digital presses are comparable to offset presses. We offer the same professional proofing process and customer service for the digital process as we do with offset projects.

We have both black and white and full-color digital presses. We also have a special digital full-color envelope press to quickly create full-color envelopes. You can now create full-color, personalized envelopes cost-effectively. These envelopes deliver an incredible impact.

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Green Printing

Prospect Communications had a “green” focus long before “green” was fashionable. We have had an aggressive three R’s program—Reducing, Reusing and Recycling—in place for many years.

Being green is more than using buzz words and implementing a few token changes. It requires a commitment to implement the best environmentally sound practices and then continuously working to improve these practices. We developed a 10 point environmental statement years ago and continue to use it as our guiding principle.

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Personalized Printing

Personalized printing delivers results. Personalized or variable printed pieces that speak directly to an individual can increase your return 10 to 15 times over a non-personalized piece. Create text, images or layouts that speak to every individual in your mailing list.

Variable data printing (VDP) is a unique process that customizes every printed piece with custom data and images. Our professionals are experts at analyzing data, creating impact layouts, and understanding the latest techniques for creating personalized pieces that get results. We have refined a process that enables you to perform one-to-one marketing and provide personalized pieces for each recipient.

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Mailing & Direct Mail Services

Prospect Communications is a full-service certified mail provider. Do you need to mail your project and get it to your target market on time? No problem, we can address, insert, tab, and fold your direct mail piece and deliver it to the post office in a way to save you lots of money. We do the work and you save.

Mailing regulations and mailing costs are important elements of every project. Prospect integrates the mailing process into the entire project to help save you time, money and hassles. Mailing regulations seem to change frequently, so let us help you to get your message out as cost effectively as possible!

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Using Print to Drive Web Traffic

In today’s world it is not just about the printed piece, but it’s also how do you engage the person with the smartphone. Developing high-quality print pieces that get attention and drive an interactive web experience is what many organizations are looking for.

How do you develop print pieces that drive web traffic? One of the best ways to tie your print marketing to the web is by using Quick Response (QR) codes on your materials. QR codes will allow you to reach your potential customers anywhere – your customers will no longer have to be at a desktop computer to research your company or take advantage of an offer.

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