Greenfield, Massachusetts Branding & Packaging

We use a comprehensive approach to creating and developing your brand in Greenfield, Massachusetts. We work with you to understand the challenges within and outside your company. With this knowledge we work with you to create, develop, and refine your image in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Some of the branding and packaging we offer in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Graphic Design

Whether your design is for the internet or print, we can help you. Our professional designers are very creative and understand how to overcome the challenges of getting noticed. We are experts at designing and adapting designs for multiple media formats – web, email, print, internet banner ads, banners, etc.

We work with our clients to translate ideas into results. Your results will be measured in greater awareness, more clicks, and higher sales.

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Brand Development

Brand development often starts with a logo, but that is only the beginning. Your brand is more than a set of colors, taglines or images. Your brand represents who you are and what you are about.

Are you getting the most from your brand? Is your marketing consistent with your brand image? Are the marketing programs you are using helping or hurting your brand?

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Logo Design

A logo represents your organization’s image. It incorporates a color scheme and a look that you want to represent yourself. Your organization is unique, and your products and services are unique; your logo should be unique and distinctive.

Your logo is not just a design; it is a message that you want the world to know. Many times your message is just a logo image and a tagline. The image and tagline text should uniquely grab attention, be easy to remember, and represent the key elements of your organization or product.

How do you create unique logo for your company? How can you get people to recognize your logo?

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Package Design

Product package design can be a challenge. You need to get your product noticed, but the package design cannot take away from the product. Also the packaging needs to look good, but it must also be functional.

Whether you are mass producing your products or just starting out, your package must look good, but not break the bank. We always consider the package production when we create your package designs.

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Multi-Media Design

In an age where information is at your fingertips and always available, creating a piece for one medium is not good enough. We live in a world where everything—from print, to web, to email, to video, to social media—must be consistent and always available. This fast-paced environment presents a lot of challenges and a lot of opportunities.

At Prospect Communications, we are experts at turning marketing challenges into opportunities.

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